Tuesday, July 14, 2009

BobCats in Brazos County

Brazos County authorities are warning residents of possible rabies cases following what they say was an unusual bobcat attack.

Saturday morning, Sheriff Chris Kirk says a person at a

home near FM 2038, Cobb and Saxon Roads was bitten by a bobcat in what was an unprovoked attack.

Animal control deputies, game wardens and state health officials have all said such an attack is unusual and may be an indicator that the bobcat was rabid.

The animal in question has not been caught, and the bite victim is set to undergo rabies shots as a result.

Kirk also notes a feral cat bite incident back on May 10 on Mize Road near this most recent incident, one that did turn out to be positive for rabies.

"This incident should serve as a warning to all in the community that wildlife is ever present and that contact with any wild animal should be avoided," Kirk wrote in a statement Monday. "If you believe that a domestic or wild animal is rabid and you or one of your domestic animals has been exposed, contact your local animal control authority immediately."

Awesome. I just need to publicly thank my wife here in this post for having a friend who happens to be getting married this weekend near where this bobcat attack. If your favorite blogger does not return Monday, then of course, the Animal Uprising 2012 has claimed him ...

I would feel much better about this if they had caught the cat, but of course, thats asking far too much. Sure, no problems to let an animal out there, attacking humans without provocation, run free ... awesome ...

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