Thursday, March 25, 2010

Monkeys on the Run - Now With Facebook

Really ... 

ST. PETERSBURG - In the hours after a monkey on the lam fell into a woman's pool and then swiped some fruit from her backyard tree, fans of the wily primate cheered it for avoiding capture.

Does no one see whats happening here?  If one monkey can do it, then damn straight, gorillas, chimps, lions, elephants, and just about anything else can as well. And now the monkey has more 'friends' on facebook than people I've ever met in my life ... I mean WTF ??? 

Dude, Yates ... its a monkey bro ... at this point in time, how are you even employed still employed?  I hear everybody complaining about the democrats wasting money right now, but WTF are you Yates, but a drain on my taxes???

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