Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dogs Indoors ...

Wow ...

LEESBURG, Va. - Leesburg Police are investigating after man was apparently mauled to death by dogs inside a home.

Police were called to a home in the 100 block of Plaza Street NE around 2 p.m. Monday afternoon. Investigators say the 20-year-old Leesburg man was found inside the home, and he was suffering from injuries that appeared to be related to an attack by dogs. They say officers discovered him after his mother called police because she was concerned for his well-being.

Investigators say the man died as a result of his injuries. They also say four dogs—two pit bulls and two smaller dogs—were found inside the home. They say the pit bulls were roaming free, and one of the smaller dogs was in a cage. The other small dog was dead.

Witnesses outside the home tell FOX 5 that the young man was well-known in the community, having attended high school there. Several of his friends came to the home upon hearing the news, and they were very emotional. The victim's name has not yet been released.

Animal control has the three remaining dogs in custody. It's not clear whether all of them lived in the home together. Witnesses told FOX 5 they had seen the dogs before, and the family did a good job of containing them.

Police say traffic that is not related to the residences in the 100 block of Plaza Street NE is being diverted onto adjacent side streets while the investigation is underway.

Wow, WTF?!?

We here at Animal Uprising 2012 have long been supporters of the dog theory, recognizing dogs as one of the few animals which can choose sides in the Animal Uprising.

Basically, the way this played out was;
-Dogs turned on their human 'master'
-Small dogs came to aid the human
-Realizing they were overmatched, the braver of the two small dogs chose to hide its companion in a cage where it would be safe
-The brave small dog perished fighting to protect the human, and the smaller dog from the obvious Animal Uprising supporters

Unfortunately, the Animal Uprising has little patience, and lesser mercy for do-gooders.

Thanks for your sacrifice, brave small dog ...

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