Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Watch What We Can Do Humans ...

KELSEYVILLE A large male mountain lion killed an adult buck deer in the backyard of a Clear Lake Riviera residence on Tuesday morning. The killing took place within a few feet of a landscaping crew that was working in the area.

After killing the deer, the lion fed on the carcass for more than two hours.

According to Jose Juarez, who operates a landscaping business, he and his two sons, Jackson and Jose Jr., were clearing brush from a backyard on Terrace Way when they observed two buck deer watching them. After a few minutes, one of the deer took off running and disappeared over a hill, while the other deer stayed in the backyard. That's when the mountain lion leaped from the brush onto the deer's back. Jose Jr. said the lion grabbed the deer by the throat and killed it in less than two minutes. The lion then started to feed on the carcass, which was only a few yards away from the men.

"He wasn't even scared of us and, in fact, ignored us as he fed on the dead deer. This went on for about two hours until he finally moved off into the brush," Jose Jr. said.

According to wildlife experts, this behavior is extremely unusual because most mountain lions are very shy and wary of humans.

'Extremely Unusual' eh?

Let me break this down for you ... you know in movies, when bad guys execute innocent bystanders to prove a point? Thats about like this. It's essentially the Animal Uprising's destruction of Alderaan ... sans giant Death Star ... remember when the empire totally destroyed that planet for no reason other than to prove how freakin awesome they were?

Yeah, thats this right here.

Animal Uprising 2012 just said "hey, watch what I can do ... Are you watching? **BAM** ... Ahh, I just killed this deer ... poor deer ... hey, but I'm hungry, so this is convenient ... 'Munch, Chomp' ... By The Way (Mouth Full Talking) ... This is gonna be your entire race ... 'Chew, Slurp, Munch' ... **BBUUURRRPPP** "

Of course, they haven't built a giant space station with a huge freakin laser on it yet, but its probably in the works ...

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