Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stray Cat Strut

A cat was euthanized Tuesday after it viciously attacked a City of Tonawanda woman in her home.

The woman, 47, of East Avenue, sustained multiple bites, deep cuts and scratches to both legs in the attack by an animal that was being kept as a pet but is thought to have been a stray.

The cat began scratching and biting the woman while was helping a different feline in the home — a 5-week-old kitten — get its paw free from a closet door.

“The cat took numerous lunges at the victim, whose screams were heard by her boyfriend outside,” a police report states. “The cat was cornered ... and barricaded underneath a dresser prior to my arrival,” the officer’s report continues.

Police responded along with Tonawanda Fire Department personnel around 6 p.m., where first aid was administered to the woman, who was later driven to DeGraff Memorial Hospital with injuries. An agent from the Erie County SPCA was later called to contain the animal, a 4-year-old black shorthair.

SPCA Agent Lisa Hall responded to the residence, capturing the animal, which was later deemed to be seriously injured and afflicted with a pre-existing medical condition.

SPCA spokesperson Gina Browning could not confirm what exactly the medical condition was, but said the animal was euthanized shortly after with consent from its owner and sent to Albany for rabies testing. Browning said the cat had no vaccination history and it appears the animal may have been a stray being kept as a pet, she said.

“The cat was a stray but they named it Boo — so they named it and were probably trying to keep it,” Browning said. “The reason it was euthanized was because it needed to be tested for rabies.”

Ahhh Yes ... Once again, the rabies theory ...

Couldn't be that the cat was just pissed that this lady thought she could make it a pet ... nooooo ... there is noooo possibility whatsoever that an animal wanted to attack a human ... or that it entrapped a poor defenseless kitten as bait to ensnare the human ... or even worse, it was working with the kitten to bring the pain upon the human ... nooo ... nooo chance whatsoever that any of these possibilities could be real at all ...

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