Monday, October 12, 2009

Bees Hate Soccer

The match was barely three minutes old when the bees took refuge inside the goalposts at the EL Salvador end.
Play was held up for around six minutes as officials used fire extinguishers to clear the insects.
Mexico went on to win the match 4-1 to secure a place in the 2010 World Cup finals in South Africa.
The Mexicans will finish their Concacaf campaign away to Trinidad and Tobago on Wednesday.

Apparently, Mexican bees don't like El Salvador.  That, or Mexican soccer, tired of losing to the US over and over, has found a way to train animals to help them cheat.  Either way, the animals come out winners in this one ... until they get doused in anti-bee stuff from Mexico.  And BTW ... Mexican anti-bee stuff is also known as a 'fire extinguisher' in the US.  Crazy huh?

The game was delayed for about 10 minutes while the bees were sprayed with fire extinguishers, and play resumed shortly thereafter.  IMO, the only fair thing to do would have been to play the first half with the bees in the goal, then go ahead and let the second half start when the teams switched sides.  Would have been WAAAYYYY more interesting to watch that way, and both teams would have been equal! 

Long Video, but you get the jist of it ... there are bees, El Salvador is scared, Mexicans try to douse them with a fire extinguisher.

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