Friday, June 5, 2009

Bees HATE Video Games

The employees in a New York City GameStop were working as usual during Memorial Day weekend when bees suddenly appeared. Thousands of them, and they were not happy.

It is unclear exactly where the bees' hive was located or what disturbed it, but whatever the case may be, the swarm of bees kept GameStop employees from leaving the store, for fear of getting stung.

According to the local ABC news station, the swarm ... well ... swarmed outside the building and prevented GameStop employees from conducting any kind of business for hours. However, they did not lose their sense of humor. While the bee situation was being sorted out, employees hung a "Temporarily Closed Due to Bee Infestation" sign in the window. The sign also had the word "Look!" and an arrow pointing to where bees were gathered.

ABC reporters were quickly on the scene and called the police in an effort to alleviate the problem. The police department said to call the fire department, which said to call 911, which said to call 311, which said to call the New York City mayor's office. After all that, it still took two hours to get anyone to help.

Anyone other than Edward Albers, that is. Albers was labeled a "Good Samaritan" by ABC news, and with good reason. According to the report, he lured about a thousand bees (but who's counting?) into a bag, which he closed and put inside a box. The box was labeled Danger and placed inside the "Do not cross" tape that was keeping "bee watchers" back.

One such bee watcher, named Herman Leath, said, "They say somebody's on the way, but they're taking a long time to get here."

When help did eventually arrive, it came in the form of the NYPD. Yes, in the end, it was the first department ABC news called that ended up actually helping.

The NYPD sent Tony Planakis, its "bee specialist," to remove the bees. When asked how long it would take to remove the swarm, Planakis replied, "It depends, it could take a half hour, it could take an hour, could take a couple hours."

Clad in jeans, a hoodie, a bee mask and gloves, Planakis set to work.

Eventually he succeeded in his task, and nonviolently relocated the bees "upstate to his hives." GameStop employees were able to re-open the store, and business continued as usual. At least, as usual as it gets when the better part of the workday has been spent trapped inside the store for fear of a large swarm of insects.

Surprisingly, nobody was stung throughout the whole ordeal.

"It's just something I've never seen before ... this is Manhattan, New York ... I guess you could see anything," Leath the bee watcher said.

Hopefully it is not something those GameStop employees will have to see again for a long while.

From Last week, but ridiculously relevant, considering Bee's just tried to bring that airplane down in MA.

Look, I'm a fan of honey, flying, and videogames, but if these things are becoming too hazardous to my health, then I'll reconsider all three. I mean cmon ... Here's the latest Wii game, but if you buy it, you'll be stung 1 million times by this swarm of bees ... Wow, well, yeah, I guess I'll pass on WiiFit ...

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