Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bees 'N' Planes ...

DANVERS — You've heard of snakes on a plane, but on Sunday there were about 10,000 bees on a plane at Beverly Airport.

A swarm of honeybees landed on the wing of a plane used for flight school training, parked on the tarmac of the airport's west side off Burley Street.

It was the type of landing the owner of Beverly Flight Center, Arne Nordeide, had never witnessed.

"I never saw anything like it," Nordeide said.

Nordeide called Danvers police, who put him in touch with a local bee removal expert, Al Wilkins of Middleton.

Wilkins arrived and used a specially designed vacuum to suck the bees off the wing and from the ground below the plane. Wilkins has relocated the bees to hives where they will produce honey.

"I thought they were crash-landed in the airport," said Wilkins, who has been removing bees from houses and structures since 1978.

Nordeide said the bees were spotted buzzing around the wing of the Piper Warrior aircraft around 11 a.m. This plane does not sit around much — it flies five to six hours a day.

"The plane had already flown around 8 a.m.," Nordeide said, "and all of a sudden, they (the bees) decided to land."

At first, the bees swarmed over the left side of the aircraft, then landed on top of the left wing. The weather was hot, Nordeide said, so that may be why they went under the wing

... Or maybe they were trying to bring the plane down?

Look, Animal Uprising incidents fail too, and in this case, the bees probably either figured that the pilot wouldn't notice them, or they simply got it all wrong, and nobody told them the plane had to be in the air before they congregated on the wing in their vain attempt to bring it down.

But, Oh DemiGods of the blogworld ... there is no way in hell Bees could bring down a plane ... is there?

... Yee All of little faith ... Its happened before my friends ...

Either way, a clear Animal Uprising 2012 incident foiled ... Yay Massachusetts ...

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