Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chimp Food

BERLIN - Doctors say the Berlin Zoo's director will likely lose the finger a chimpanzee nearly bit off as he tried to feed it.

Director Bernhard Blaszkiewitz was feeding walnuts to a male chimpanzee named Pedro on Monday when it bit his right index finger almost completely off.

Doctors say Blaszkiewitz underwent an eight-hour operation to reattach it, but it became infected. Surgeon Andreas Eisenschenk said Tuesday that Blaszkiewitz is likely to lose the finger.

Gee Pedro, don't you look smug ... was that finger good?

Gee Dr. Blaszkiewitz ... could it be you have completely underestimated the Animal Population? Chimps ... so like us ... the nearest thing in the evolutionary chain, don't like to be locked up in a zoo, and took an opportunity to strike at the leader of said zoo ... Really? Was this really a surprise.

Look 'Doc' ... I don't know where you got your degree, because they haven't called me to teach this course, but its coming ... you fail to acknowledge that the Animal Uprising 2012 is a real thing, and had you done so, maybe you would have been slightly more careful.

I'm not sayin, just sayin ...

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