Thursday, June 18, 2009

Israeli Mecha Robot Snake

Israeli defense researchers are working on a robot snake that can sneak through cracks and into buildings to send back sound and video of enemy movements — or even plant explosives.

That's according to the Jerusalem Post, which cites a news report from Israel's Channel 2.

A video clip shows the six-foot-long robot, covered in camouflage, winding its way through rocks and tree stumps, its "head" a flat camera lens ringed by LED lights.

The "snake" can also prop up its front sections vertically to peer over obstacles.

It's remote-controlled by a soldier, who uses a laptop both to guide the robot and to see and hear what it's feeding back.

The Israel Defense Forces plan to equip combat units with search-and-surveillance models, which could also be useful to find survivors trapped within collapsed buildings.

Future models might be used to plant bombs in enemy facilities.

WTF Israeli Defense Force?!?

Apparently, if you're Jewish, its not enough that Snakes (Natural) snakes will be part of the animal uprising ... its only a REAL uprising if you create a robot animal to help the Animals exterminate humans.

I know, I know ... Its meant so the Israelis can fight other humans ... but c'mon ... if you're reading this, then you know how this is going to go ...

-Snake is busy in Animal Uprising 2012 decimating humans

-Snake finds mechaSnake

-Snake thinks 'Sweet ... I'll send mechaSnake to do this for me'

-Snake goes on holiday while mechaSnake continues to destroy the human population

Whats that you say? The mechaSnake will destroy the real snake? Ha Ha my friends ... historical fact that robot animals do not fare well against their natural born brethren ...

I rest my case ... Any Questions?

Thats what I thought ...

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