Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Doggie Grenade

BERLIN -- A dog playing fetch in Germany brought its owner a live U.S. hand grenade from the Second World War.

Police in the western town of Erkrath said yesterday they were called by the dog's 40-year-old owner who stopped walking her pooch when she recognized the "rusty" object it was carrying was a weapon.

Police summoned a munitions expert Sunday to identify and defuse the grenade.

Grenades and bombs left over from the war are still often found in Germany.

Sometimes whole streets in neighbourhoods are evacuated so that such devices can be safely defused.

Well, this dog, while smart enough to somehow almost manage to kill its owner in a clever way, just happened to barely miss the mark. Good thing for this dog is, he'll probably get another shot at it; he most likely just wagged his tail, and walked around with a 'What did I do?' look on his face.

You know exactly what you did Dog ... you're just lucky your owner doesn't buy into the Animal Uprising 2012 ...

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