Friday, May 1, 2009

Crocs in India

KENDRAPARA, April 30: In the latest outbreak of man-animal conflict, preying estuarine crocodiles have killed a 35-year-old woman and attacked at least four people in and around the Bhitarkanika wildlife sanctuary.
It’s pertinent to note here that two adult crocodiles were killed in retaliatory attack by the locals since past two months.
An adult crocodile pounced on 35-year-old Mrs Rangalata Pati near a creek in Dangmal village killing her instantly.
Four people including a woman were wounded in Iswarpur, Dangmal and Talchua villages under Rajnagar tehsil as crocodiles straying into village water bodies pounced on them. The injured who sustained multiple wounds are stated to be out of danger, according to Rajnagar block headquarters hospital sources.
There are official reports of saltwater crocodiles from the Bhitarkanika wildlife sanctuary straying into the Petashala and Kharasrota rivers.
With the breeding season of crocodiles fast approaching, they have turned restive and perturbed over human interference into their habitat.
The residents of Gobardhanpur, Naranpur, Arakhadiha, Rajeswarinagar, Chandibaunsamula, Padmanavapur, Iswarpur, Sanagoji, Okilapala and a dozen other seaside villages are thoroughly exposed to possible attack by these crocodiles and accordingly the local sarpanchs and GP representatives have been instructed to alert the villagers, forest department sources said.

Its kind of a large reptilian killer themed kind of day apparently ... what I want to know is, of the other four people attacked, how in the hell did they survive?

India is fast becoming another epicenter of the Animal Uprising 2012 ... I mean, animals over there just don't joke around ...roving packs of child eating dogs, Elephants, and now Crocodiles ... its like Australia without the sharks, add a side of elephant, and throw in an extra tiger for good measure ...

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