Thursday, May 21, 2009

Disney May Be Orchestrating the Animal Uprising

Disney 'Premiered' their trailer for their new 'entertainment movie' tonight on American Idol ...

Dear Disney Execs,

You cannot fool us here at Animal Uprising 2012. Clearly, this not only LEGITIMIZES the threat of the impending Animal Uprising 2012, but it goes a step further by trying to make light of the abilities Animals really have.

Obviously, as demonstrated with the 'Rabies Theory' posts of April, if we make light of the Animal Uprising, then of course, the public won't be afraid of it. If the Public's not afraid of it, then why protect ourselves against it?

Do those Guinea Pigs in that trailer look cute to you? Its because you're an idiot. Good luck when the rodents rise up from their cages and hunt you down like the dogs you are.

AU2012 Team

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