Tuesday, May 19, 2009

1 Killed, 33 Wounded ...

BAHRAICH: A wild animal attacked had created terror in over a dozen villages located on Bahraich-Sitapur border, killed one person and wounded 33 others on Sunday night. It could not be recognised. The forest officers of the two districts have inspected the villages. The victims said it could be a leopard whereas officers of the forest department believe that it could be a wolf or hyena. Condition of the two wounded women is stated to be serious.

A 'Mystery' Animal, possibly a Hyena, Wolf, Leapord, or any other species of quadrapedal creature with teeth, got to 33 people in one night?!? The headline for this reads more like a pirate attack off the coast of Somalia than it does an animal incident ...

Listen folks, this is no Accident whatsoever ... no mere coincedence ... no primal instinct. The animals have it in for us, and India is on their hit list.

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