Thursday, May 28, 2009

Foxes Choose Their Victims ...

In a clear display of 'going for the easy kill' ... twice ... a Fox attacked an elderly man, and a child in quick succession, only warded off temporarily by a bowl of milk in between ...

LEESBURG - An aggressive fox attacked a man outside his home on Park Holland Road near Leesburg earlier this week.

Jack Flowers, 80, said he was outside checking over some debris that had been blown around following a wind storm Tuesday evening. That's when a wily fox came up from behind and jumped on his leg.

"He came up behind me and wrapped his legs around mine," Flowers said. "He just had my britches leg."

Flowers said the fox was reddish brown, about half the size of a beagle, and it had a long tail extending more than two feet. Initially, the animal seemed intent on pouncing on Flowers.

"I kicked him six times. He came back every time," Flowers said. "I couldn't get anything to hit him with. He was too fast."

Finally, the fox was distracted by a bowl of milk and went to get a drink, Flowers said. That's when the man ran inside to get a gun. By the time he returned, the fox had moved down to a neighbor's property and attacked a young girl. The girl's father ended up striking the fox with a broomstick and killing the animal, according to Flowers and a report from Lake County Animal Services.

"That little girl's father beat him down," Flowers said.

Flowers said the fox attacked with its mouth open and some skin above his ankle was scratched during the episode.

"Oh yeah, it bled," Flowers said.

Yes Mr. Flowers ... There will be blood when the Animal Uprising 2012 Comes ...

What's really important about this is that the fox knew enough to say to itself 'Hey ... thats an old guy, and I can probably take him down ... '

Of course, the fox could not have seen the curveball waiting for him in the form of the 'bowl of milk' defence ...

But, it then saw a child, and said to itself 'Hey ... thats a kid, and I can probably take that kid down ... '

Clearly, the Animals can choose their prey wisely, which makes our impending doom all the more horrifying, as the Animal Uprising 2012 will be planned ... to a T ... weakest go first ... which means you better put that mcnugget down, and start working out ...

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