Thursday, May 28, 2009

White Tiger Attack

'Lion Man' Craig Busch says he'll assist police in any way possible after a white tiger mauled to death a keeper at the Zion Wildlife Park in Whangarei today.

The attack was witnessed by eight French and English tourists.

A witness, who declined to be named, said the attack was "very, very frightening".

Police said the keeper suffered injuries to the abdomen and lower leg which were received by "tearing" by a big cat.

Two keepers had gone into the white tiger enclosure about 11am today when one of the two tigers in the enclosure attacked a male keeper.

Despite the best efforts of the second keeper and a rapid response from other wildlife park staff, the tiger would not let the park worker go and he died at the scene.

The tiger was destroyed by wildlife park staff.

Well Shucks 'Lion Man' ... I'm sorry for the loss, but c'mon now ... what did you really think was going to happen?

The Lion Man is well known in NZ for teaching keepers to be 'hands on' with big cats, which is A.) stupid, and B.) retarded ... Who doesn't think, when they see a tiger, " I wonder if I should try to pet it, or wrap my hands around it, or stick my fist in its mouth."

How about most of common sensical humanity.

Still, nothing to do in the face of the Animal Uprising 2012.

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