Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Foxy ...

A North Tonawanda man was attacked by a fox on Monday night, according to Niagara County health officials.

The man was walking home from the store on Niagara Falls Boulevard near Erie Avenue when the fox approached him and bit him in the leg.

It's the third attack by a wild animal in the city during the past few weeks.

Health officials say it's important for residents to protect themselves. The advise people against approaching or feeding animals.

North Tonawanda police are searching for the coyote and have instructions to shoot and kill it if it's safe to do so. Health officials want to test the animal for rabies.

In all three attacks, the victims are undergoing rabies vaccinations.

In early March, a fox was captured and killed in the Town of Wilson. It tested positive for rabies, which is a potentially fatal disease in humans if left untreated.

Once again, animals are on the rampage (Fox attacking a human ... please), and once again, the 'Rabies' conspiracy rears its head to make everyone feel better about why animals are attacking.

"Mommy, why did the fox bite off daddy's pancreas?"

"Because little Johnny, the fox has Rabies dear."

"Mommy, whats Rabies?"

"Well Pumpkin, its a disease that the media tells us is in all animal attacks on humans so that we don't revolt in fear of the impending Animal Uprising 2012."

"Oh ... "

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