Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Invasion of Canada ...

A North Tonawanda man reported that he was bitten by a coyote on Sweeney Street around 1 a.m. Tuesday.

The Niagara County Health Department’s Director of Environmental Health Jim Devald said it is the latest of three suspicious animal reports in as many weeks. In each case a bite was reported.

The man, who is in his 20s, refused immediate treatment for a single puncture wound below the knee, North Tonawanda Fire Department Assistant Chief Joseph Sikora said.

“I guess he was just walking down the street,” he said, “He told us the coyote came out, circled him a couple of times and nipped him in the leg.”

Sikora, an avid gamesman, Devald and Mayor Larry Soos’ Secretary Gregg Schnitzer all said it is the first time they’ve ever heard of such a thing involving a coyote within city limits. Schnitzer sent a memo around City Hall Tuesday to inform officials of what had happened. The health department also issued a press release warning residents about rabies.

The coyote apparently attacked along the 1100 block of Sweeney St., ran off and has not been located.

Gina Browning of the SPCA said such events don’t usually involve her agency.

“Everything I’ve heard from our wildlife department is that coyotes are very highly unlikely to approach people,” she said.

... That is of course until the Animal Uprising 2012 comes, encircles Canada, and decides to bite Canada's legs off ...

Continued ... and this gets good ...

Last weekend, health officials got word another man driving along Erie Avenue in North Tonawanda spotted a fox,

... Wait for it ...

“So he got out to pet it and the fox bit him and ran off,” Devald said, stressing it is never wise to approach a wild animal.

Really Canada? The Animal Uprising 2012 is staring you in the face, and you try to pet it? I hope Canada is the first to go, because Animals with their bellies full of Canadians might move slower and could thus be easier to defend against by the time they get to the US.

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