Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Couple of Sting Ray Stories for us here at AU2012 ...

1 - A Stingray attacked an IronMan Triathlete competitor before the race ... apparently stingrays don't like healthy people ...

New Zealand's Sam Warriner overcame the pain of a stingray attack to finish seventh in the California 70.3 half ironman today.

The 2006 Commonwealth Games triathlon silver medallist was attacked 12 hours before the race while training on the swim course.

The stingray left Warriner with cuts and an ankle swollen to the size of a tennis ball.

This comes on the heel of something we missed last month ...

-2 - The World's Largest StingRay was caught on the MeeKong River.

The Telegraph reported that Ian Welch spent 90 minutes with 12 other people hauling in a giant stingray out of Thailand's Maeklong River. Welch is a British freshwater biologist who was in Thailand helping with their stingray tagging program.

The giant stingray may actually be the largest stingray ever caught with a rod. The massive animal weighed 770 pounds. It has a pectoral fin span of 7 feet. It measures 10 feet from its head to the tip of its stinger. Welch told the Telegraph that when the giant stingray was finally hauled into the boat, there was "just silence because everyone was just in awe of this thing."

Welch said, "That line from the film Jaws came to mind about needing a bigger boat because we had to get it to the shore to tag it."

After tagging what may be the world's largest rod-caught stingray, Welch and the tagging team released it back into the water. The good news? This largest of stingrays also happened to be a pregnant female.

But was it the largest stingray ever? Hardly.
WeirdAsiaNews.com reported in August 2008 a Chinese fisherman caught a 3,300 pound giant stingray with casting nets. The stingray was so massive, it took three hours to haul it up to the boat. The stingray died during its struggle to escape the net. It measured 16.5 feet across its pectoral fins.

Its getting to be the warmer months here at Animal Uprising 2012 ... which means pool time, beach visits, and possible consumption by stingray, sea worm, and or (Insert random creature from the depths here) ...

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