Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First Human Stronghold Falls to the Animal Uprising 2012

The saga of the brown tree snake is an almost inevitable result of global commerce.

After 4000 years of dominance, the Humans have been assimilated into the society of snakes on the US Territorial island of Guam. This is a surprising, extremely early victory for the Animal Uprising 2012, and proof that the animals have been planning their rise, and the extinction of the human race for decades.

Teamed with the spike in dog revolts over the last few weeks, this is an extremely unnerving fact of the AU2012.

Thats right folks ... Snakes are about to start biting yo asses ... stay tune for more info ...

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  1. there is an easy solution to this problem , if you Google snake rat frog in toilets and look for multiflap you will find a solution and never have to be scared of lifting the toilet lid again


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