Thursday, April 2, 2009

NY is Not Ready ...

Signs posted around the Rockland County park warn the public about "Suspicious Animal Sightings."

Other sightings were reported in the hamlet of Palisades. One was in a driveway. Two were in a backyard.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation says wild cat sightings often turn out to be a large dog, coyote or bobcat.

Orangetown police are increasing patrols. State park police have installed cameras to snap pictures of passing animals.

These are described as sleek, long-tailed, black felines. They're larger than mid-size dogs.

No regional zoos, veterinarians or residents have reported a missing large cat.

Here is your Answer NY; Its a Black Panther

But, I'll do you one better ...

Question; What Else is Black and Stealthy?
Answer; Ninjas

Question; What do Ninjas Do?
Answer; Anything they want ... they are Ninjas ...

See the pattern here? Thats right, the AU2012 has sent its advance stealth ninja black panthers to scout out weaknesses in human defenses, and this news story just happened to catch a few of them here and there. No doubt, these ninja cats have already been forced to commit Hari Kari for being caught in the news. How do I know this? Well, have you seen any black cats around your house? Thats right, you haven't, because they are very, very good at what they do ... ninja stealth scouting of the best way to eat your faces when you least expect it ...

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