Friday, April 24, 2009

Knock Knock ... Who's There ... Alligator ... Alligator Who? ... No Seriously, Alligator ...

Before she even thought to leave her Westwood Lakes home Thursday morning, Belinda Donaldson got a call from a neighbor telling her that would be a bad idea.

When she looked through the window, she saw what he was talking about: an 11-foot alligator parked on her doorstep.

"We have a lot of lakes in the neighborhood so I'd seen some smaller gators before," Donaldson said. "But nothing as big as that."

Neighbors in the northwest Hillsborough County subdivision called the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission about 10 a.m. and a trapper came about an hour later, she said.

"It took the trapper a good hour to get the ropes around him because of the size. And then he started that death roll and the trapper had to drag him to a tree for leverage," Donaldson said.

After some uncertainty, the trapper, with the help of Hillsborough County sheriff's deputies, loaded the big guy into a truck and carted him away.

"One of my neighbors joked with me, 'I know you're a Gators fan, but I think you've taken it too far,' " said Donaldson, a University of Florida alum.

Oh Ha Ha Neighbor ... you're next on the hitlist.

Obviously, Belinda did something to provoke this, otherwise why on earth would the Alligator seek out her home, and wait for her to come out ... Could it be because of the Animal Uprising 2012? Yes, of course ... its the most reasonable explanation for why on earth an Alligator would camp out on your front porch ...

Unbe-Freakin-Lievable ...

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