Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bees Strike the US Government

Hot on the heels of the fall of US Territory Guam comes this disturbing plot (seemingly curbed) to attack the Executive branch of the US Government ...

(CNN) – The Secret Service is always on the alert for aerial assaults — but on Thursday, White House grounds were hit by one unexpected airborne threat.

A swarm of honey bees took over a bush located between the Northwest security gate of the White House and the area where television networks stand-up positions are located early Thursday.

CNN photojournalist John Bodnar said he came through the Northwest gate around 12:30 pm and was warned about the bees by Secret Service on duty in the guard post. "I walked out and thought it was a swirl of blossoms blowing in the wind, but turns out it was a swarm of bees," he says. Half an hour later, they were still issuing warnings."

White House carpenter Charlie Brandts, who is also a beekeeper and will be managing two bee hives in Michelle Obama's garden, came over to the area around shortly before 2 pm wearing protective gear and carrying a cardboard box. Brandts was reportedly able to get the queen bee in the cardboard box and many, though not all, of the other bees followed. CNN has not yet been able to confirm the capture of the winged invaders.

Wow ... Bees, plotting to kill the President ... and of course, only removing the queen bee staves off the attack ... or so we hope ... unless you are Rush Limbaugh, or Joe Biden ...

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