Friday, April 24, 2009


This one in Florida ...

TAMPA - A Tampa woman is recovering after being bitten by a fox, and will undergo a series of rabies shots in case the animal was infected.

The bite happened in a neighborhood not far from the Citrus Park mall.

Donell Hall was at a friend's house when she got in her car, and turned the ignition before bringing her leg in the car and closing the door.

"I started it, and just as soon as I started it, something grabbed my foot, and I holler," Hall said.

Hall said the fox was under the car, and left her with two bite wounds and scratches on her left ankle.

She said the fox then kept getting up and falling down again.

According to Hillsborough County Animal Services, changes in an animal's gait, or ability to walk, are an indicator of a possible rabies infection.

After the bite, animal services captured the fox, and put it down. It has been sent for testing, and results are expected next week.

Hillsborough County Animal Services officials say they haven't seen a large number of fox attacks, and the likelihood of someone getting bit is not very high.

But Hall wants to spread her concern that the bite happened in a populated area.

"They said that they haven't seen a fox of any type in years and years," Hall said. "Well I'm here to testify they're there. So I just think it needs to be put out about it."

Hall begins a series of rabies shots on Monday.

Animal Uprising 2012 Y'all ... the reason you haven't seen foxes mauling people's faces until now is because of the AU2012. Two in one week? Thats not a coincidence folks ...

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