Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bionic Turtle

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, Texas (AP) — Allison, a green sea turtle with only one flipper, has been going around and around and around for most of her life.

But swimming in tight circles is tough for a 5-year-old turtle whose life expectancy is about 150 years.

Allison was set straight Wednesday, when researchers outfitted her in a black neoprene suit with a carbon-fiber dorsal fin on the back that allows her to glide gracefully with other turtles.

"That's a sea turtle doing what a sea turtle does," said Dave Cromwell, a worker who watched the turtle's new moves at Sea Turtle Inc., a Texas not-for-profit group that rehabilitates injured sea turtles.

The fin on the suit, which resembles a wetsuit covering about three-quarters of her body, acts like a rudder and gives her stability. Allison can change direction by varying the strokes of her front right flipper, the lone survivor in what rescuers believe was a shark attack.

Idiots ... Don't you realize what you've done? The Animal Uprising 2012 is upon us, and you're creating bionic suits to help them?!?

Thanks Geniuses ... Really, we here at appreciate your efforts ... "Oh, lets save the poor sea turtles" ... make it a suit so that nature can't take its course, natural selection doesn't play any part, and GAMERA becomes a reality ...

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