Thursday, April 9, 2009

Canadian Beagles ... and Labs ... and Runners Crying Over Their Own Stupidity ...

A Quinte West by-law prohibiting dogs from chasing people was violated in the Ellis and Crow Roads area as runners were chased and circled by local animals according to an area resident.
During the week of March 25, a runner, who wishes to remain anonymous for safety reasons, was jogging down Ellis and Crow Roads area in Quinte West. She heard barking behind her, turned, and saw that a beagle was chasing her.
Possessing a diploma in animal care, and trained to work with animals, the source stopped and stood still waiting the beagle out. Not being overly nervous, due to the smallness of the animal, she continued on her way after the animal left.
A few days later, she was out with a friend and her friend’s dog and running down Ellis road. Again, she heard a bark. It was not the beagle however. This time, it was a black Labrador and a Rottweiler-cross, much larger than the beagle.
Both people stopped, but the dog did not, resulting in a bite to the pet. “He’s passive, and didn’t fight back,” the woman said.
“The Lab circled us, and the Rotti would lunge if you tried to move,” she said, describing the scene. “We screamed for help, seeing the car in the drive way. I assumed someone was home.”
But no one from the property the dogs had run from came to help.
The source passed through the area on another run for a third time. This time, the same animals chased her a long ways down the road. “If I’d screamed, no one would have heard me. That’s how far away I was,” she said.
On all three occasions, she had called the OPP only to be told that Animal Control had more jurisdictions in regards to animals than the OPP had. The third time, however, she called almost hysterical.
“They asked me where I’d like an officer to meet me,” she said.
When the officer arrived, she described him as being smug, as he said he wouldn’t have a problem if the dogs ever chased him.
“That’s because you have a gun,” she retorted.

Here's what I want to know ... if you know that Beagles and Labs are going to chase you and threaten your very existence, why do you keep running down the same damn street?

Lady, dogs can be turned, so if they're chasing you over and over, and haven't owned you just yet, they're most likely doing it for their own amusement ... unless they are pitbulls, which are unpredictable - although I'm certain that after the initial decimation of the human population at the outset of Animal Uprising 2012, there will be factions of what remains of society that are good and bad, and will have good and bad dogs working with them ... think Mad Max amidst the barren wasteland of post apocalyptic Animal Uprising, where droves of wild beagles and labs may be friend or foe ... anyhoo ...

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