Friday, April 3, 2009

Missouri Uprising

Because its Friday ...

(Winston, MO) -- A chimpanzee attack on a sheriff's deputy in Winston, Missouri leads to an investigation into animal abuse.

On Monday, the deputy responded to a 911 call that a chimp had gotten loose and was attacking its owners. When the deputy arrived, the animal opened the door of the patrol car and attacked the deputy. The officer shot and killed the chimp.

Two other chimpanzees as well as about 200 dogs and cats were also found on the property. Deputies say the animals were living in extreme filth and were in poor health. When deputies returned with a search warrant, nearly all of the animals were gone.

Let Animal Uprising 2012 break this down for Joe Public ...

-This house was clearly a safe haven for animals on the underground railroad of Animal Uprisers
-Three Chimps had dominion over two humans, and a bunch of dogs and cats (approximately 200)
-The Humans tried to fight back one night, and managed to call the police
-One Chimp tragically gave its life to ensure that 'La Resistance' (AU2012) lived on

Here's a bit of a better story and video ... CLICK HERE ...

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