Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cow Attack

A man was hospitalized Monday after he was attacked by a cow that had just given birth.

Thomas Cesarino, 46, of Farmington suffered a rib injury after the 5 p.m. incident on his Wharton Township farm.

Farmington fire Chief Brian Van Sickle said his brother, John Van Sickle, and Cesarino had just helped deliver a black angus calf and were attempting to "introduce" the calf to its mother to be nursed.

Brian Van Sickle said the cow "became mean" and began attacking the two men, who were trapped in a pen with the two animals. During the attack, the animal "stepped on the left side of (Cesarino's) ribcage," the fire chief said. He added that the victim, who tried to grab the animal in order to protect John Van Sickle, "was conscious and alert" when ambulance personnel from Fayette EMS arrived on the scene.

Brian Van Sickle said that neither John Van Sickle nor the calf was injured.

The fire chief said farm personnel were attempting to reintroduce the calf to its mother as Cesarino was taken to Uniontown Hospital, where he was admitted in fair condition.

What the ??? A Cow? Cow's are some of the most docile creatures ever ... ever ...

So, to be hospitalized by a cow either takes some massive talent (read; stupidity) on the part of the human ... or ... The cow's are early in their engagement of Animal Uprising 2012 ... come to think of it, I see tons of cows on the side of the road constantly trying to get me to eat chicken ... could it be a link?

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