Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dive Bomb! - The US Governement Mobilizes!

From Wiki;

A dive bomber is a bomber aircraft that dives directly at its targets in order to provide greater accuracy and limit the exposure to and effectiveness of anti-aircraft fire. This type of aircraft was most heavily used before and during World War II ... And During the Animal Uprising of 2012 ...

A hawk has been ruffling feathers outside a television station in Lake Mary.

The latest victim: WOFL-Channel 35 sports anchor Kevin Holden.

Holden was outside the station early Saturday evening when he was hit in the back of the head with what felt like a heavy book.

"It kind of pushed me forward," Holden recalled Tuesday.

When a stunned Holden looked up, he saw his attacker: a hawk in a tree looking right at him.

Holden, it seems, is not alone.

State wildlife officials say they get a handful of similar calls this time of year. That's because we're amid the breeding and nesting season for a lot of birds.

The usual culprits: territorial mockingbirds or red-shouldered hawks.

"We hear it a lot with mockingbirds," said Joy Hill, spokeswoman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. "They'll come dive-bombing around real quick. If they hit you in the back of the head, it's kind of like 'Whoa, what's that?'"

This is the third year a hawk has nested near the Fox station.

Last spring, three employees of the
Federal Emergency Management Agency had run-ins with a nesting hawk at their office, located near the station. Their injuries were minor, but FEMA staff didn't want to risk any more attacks.

This season they've closed a portion of their parking lot known for hawk strikes. They've also posted a sign inside the office warning people it's hawk-nesting season.

If FEMA is getting into the Hawk Dive Bombing prevention game, then you know its way more serious than whats being reported here. This could the be the first recorded case of our own government mobilizing against the Animal Uprising 2012 ...

Stay Tuned for more details ...

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