Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rabid ... Racoons?

Seems the 'Rabid' tag is being tossed about rather loosely these days ...

MCLEAN, Va., April 4 (UPI) -- Three men in the McLean area of Virginia were attacked by rabid raccoons in two incidents this week, Fairfax County police said.

The Washington Post reported Saturday that two landscaping workers were believed to have been bitten Thursday when a raccoon emerged from shrubbery.

Authorities have urged both men to seek medical attention since the rabies virus, which is transmitted through saliva, is generally fatal if left untreated.

The newspaper said the second incident involved a 19-year-old man charged by a raccoon while getting out of his car Wednesday evening.

After the man shook the animal from his pants leg, the raccoon went after the man's 12-year-old brother but did not catch him.

The same raccoon is not believed to have been involved in both incidents, police said.

The Reality is, its easy to explain something away with the simplicity of a single explanation, in this case rabies. How do I mean? Well, lets put this to the test;

Racoon attacks person, claws the belly, and makes lunch out of someone's intestine.

EXPLANATION 1 - Animal Uprising 2012 Opening Shots ... the animals are rising, and they are coming to take your souls!!!!!!!!!!!!


EXPLANATION 2 - Rabies. The Animal has rabies. Everything is under control, no problems.

Now, which explanation makes you feel better? Exactly ... Rabies is easy, calming, no problems, Society doesn't freak out, and people don't start planning for the apocalypse. The truth however (Explanation 1) is a much more bitter pill to swallow ...

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