Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Python Patrol?

Thank you avid 2012 reader Tommy for sending in THIS story..

So cautious (possibly fully aware) pet owners (thank you au2012.blogspot.com) are "ditching" their super friendly python snakes in the everglades in hopes to get rid of them.

Let me tell you Mr. Petowner... you don't just "get rid" of a freaking python... that thing will kill you so fast come 2012 you won't know what to do. It eats large animals breakfast when it isn't even hungry... imagine what will happen when the uprising begins.

"There's no immutable laws of snake catching. It's what works," Fobb said as he demonstrated catching a snake with hooks, bags, blankets and his hands.

Where the snakes are breeding is just north of the Keys in Everglades National Park. An estimated 30,000 Burmese pythons live in the park."

UMMMMM .. Excuse me did that just say 30,000 pythons live in the Everglades National Park????

Three words to close this post: GOOD LUCK FLORIDA!!!!!!

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