Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bears in Oregon

Do you want to know why the animals will crush us? Ask this lady ...

A 23 Year Old Woman was attacked by bear while she was trying to feed it.

There's nothing redeeming about this story. This person, an employee of a Wildlife Safari company, is stupid.

"Douglas County sheriff's deputies said Kadi Singleton, a carnivore keeper at the park, was in the bear pen Sunday afternoon when an adult female moved toward her. The Roseburg woman hit the bear with a cattle prod, which angered the animal. The bear bit and clawed her right leg and left hand. She used pepper spray to escape."

People who are stupid really drive me nuts. Here's how this went down;

-Man Catches Bear
-Man puts bear in cage in a Wildlife Park
-Bear is pissed to be in cage
-Man keeps bear in cage so it doesn't eat the faces of people who pay to see bear
-Woman goes into cage meant to keep people from being hurt by bear
-Woman tries to feed bear who likes to eat people's faces
-Woman cattle prods bear
-Bear gets pissed
-Woman pepper sprays bear
-Bear gets super pissed

Really? Did you not really think going into a cage meant to keep people away from bears was not a grand idea? Really? At some point in time, do you not think anybody or anything would not like to be beaten with a cattle prod? Really? And, did you not believe that a Bear ten times your size with giant claws a teeth might be able to turn you into spam? Really?

Idiots ... I'm not going down to the AU2012 because of these idiots ... I will continue to appease my dogs so that hopefully, they will take pity on me when the day of reckoning comes.

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