Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Pink Dolphin

I'm not all too certain why this is making news today, but 'The Pink Dolphin' of Louisiana's Lake Calcasieu has been 'discovered' by Captain Erik Rue. Of course, this guy is from Louisiana, so we won't blame him for not having access to something called the 'internet', or a free tool used and accessed by a couple of people daily called 'google search', wherein he would have found that this particular dolphin had been documented previously here .

Anyhoo, caught up in all the cuteness of the pink dolphin, some have failed to note something; the dolphin has red eyes, which moves it away from being 'cute', and more towards being 'apesh*t terrifying'. And, this dolphin travels in a pack with at least 3 to 4 other bottlenosed dolphins.

Without a doubt, the pinkness is there to lure in unwary tourists who will then succumb to a pack dolphin bludgeoning.

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