Friday, March 20, 2009

The Deadly Spider of Oklahoma

Grocery store workers found a spider amidst an imported shipment of bananas. This spider was initially identified as a Brazilian Wandering Spider, and reported as such.

The spider was turned over to University of Tulsa Animal Facilities Director Terry Childs who identified it as a Brazilian Wandering Spider and said this type of spider is the deadliest in the world. It kills more people then any other spider in the world.

However, not long after the National News caught wind of this, the Spider's toxicity and deadliness was quickly dismissed.

The spider found in a shipment of bananas at Whole Foods was taken Sunday to the University of Tulsa, where animal facilities manager Terry Childs identified it as a Brazilian wandering spider, considered one of the most lethal in the world.

But Barry Downer, the curator of aquariums and herpetology at the Tulsa Zoo, said video and photos he had seen of the spider led him to believe that it was a Huntsman spider, which is harmless to humans.

"There's pretty definitive evidence it has been misidentified," Downer said.

Childs said Wednesday night that he had destroyed the spider at the urging of a university administrator because of safety concerns.

Downer said the spider should have been preserved for study, but he was told that the body would not be made available.

This Downer guy is obviously under the mind control of a race of spiders who have dominance over his brain. Exposing how deadly spiders are making it across our borders would be a major blow to the AU2012, and every animal species has to do their part. Thus, getting a spider 'expert' from a zoo to contradict another expert makes perfect sense to keeping the spider plans under wraps, and the conspiracy in place.

The Conclusion? You bet your ass it was a deadly spider meant to kill you in 25 minutes or less with one bite. Next time you eat a banana, beef jerkey, or gummi bears, make sure you don't end up like this ...

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  1. this iste is funny. I recently purchased a stove that was made in brazil and came in a nice dark box. now I can't shake the feeling that there are 4 pairs of eyes watching me from some unseen vantage point. Waiting for an unsuspecting mo-aaaaaAAAAARR!!!


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