Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sharks ... Again ... Seriously?

Here's a fun little story ...

Sharks were spotted following a 700 person swimming competition in Australia today, and patrols were scrambled to force the sharks away from the swimmers.

Funny thing with this is, they staged the race in an area called 'Shark Island' ... cmon people ... why is this news? why do people continue to be ignorant that if given the chance, animals will eat you ... quickly ...

I just don't think I'm ever going to go to Australia. Unless I have a death wish, and want to be consumed by something that is not human as soon as I step off the airplane, then there's just not a need to be there.


  1. I'll go to Australia. I want to wrestle sharks. Especially hammerheads.

  2. Have Fun!

    As as you land, you should post a comment from a fancy data enabled phone before you disembark. As soon as you make it up the jetway, I'm pretty sure you're screwed.


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