Thursday, March 5, 2009

One Dog, One Trash Can

Well, this is just dandy ... three posts, three dog incidents, two of which involve near death incidents and 'pets' ...

A Woman in New Jersey was found by officials (alive) after several days in her recycling can.

"Unbelievably, 76-year-old Mary Davis was discovered in her Pemberton garage Tuesday morning essentially folded in half stuck inside a 25-gallon plastic recycling bucket. Police say the arthritic widow was knocked off balance by her dog, Dusty, and fell backside first into the can, trapping her."

Whoaaa, What ???

A 'Mutant Cannine Force' plan almost going perfectly. Thats right, the evil portion of pet dogs in the world is hereby dubbed the 'Mutant Cannine Force'. They are the dog equivalent of the Decepticons, Dick Cheney, and Al Qaeda, and I think our little beagle has an application in to join them. Since I have yet to discover the 'Jedi' equivalent dog force for good, I can't give them a name yet, but as soon as I do, I'll let you know ...

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