Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh Hell Yes ...

AU2012 officially endorses
SHARK SHIELD. From the Mfr's Website ...

"The Shark Shield FREEDOM7 is a compact, versatile and light weight personal shark deterrent system which allows you to explore and enjoy the oceans without fear. It's designed for all water sports including, swimming, spear fishing, bodyboarding and snorkelling and is the preferred product for scuba divers. The Shark Shield FREEDOM7 is fitted to the ankle region with the supplied neoprene and Velcro pouch."

If I had the money to buy one of these things, I would wear it everywhere ... everyday ... going for a cup of coffee would be awesome ... 'What's that on your ankle?' ... "I'll have a grande iced frappucino, and oh, that old thing? Thats my Shark Shield."

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