Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bull Bites

Normally when we think of bulls, we think of bull fights, or Spain where they release bulls to chase idiots down the street (Memo to the Country of Spain; The Bulls have kept track, and they will have their reckoning) ... (Also Memo to the Country of Mexico; you guys are so screwed come AU2012).

So when this story was updated today on MSNBC, I had to take notice.

Essentially, two men were wounded over the weekend in some town in Connecticut at a farm. One was held down by the bull, while it bit the other guy's face ... thats right kids, the bull bit the other guy ... not charge, not trampled ... bit.

But thats not the best part. Quote from the story:

"The Ellington Fire Deparment doesn't remember anything like this happening in more than 20 years."

Doubt our impending doom at your own risk folks.

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