Friday, March 13, 2009

Snake 'Expert' ...

Apparently, a Snake Expert was bitten in San Antonio, TX last night.

"Earl Turner, a herpetologist, was packing an Ethiopian Viper for shipping Wednesday evening when the snake bit him, KSAT 12 News reported."

Really? I'd sure as sh*t bite someone if they were trying to put me in a FedEx box off to God knows where.

This snake is so rare that how poisonous it is is really unknown, and the anti-venom they gave the guy who was bitten gave him an allergic reaction, so they have no idea whether it actually works. But, the locals in Ethiopia say this thing is pretty dangerous. That said, I think this was just a warning shot across the bow of humanity. "Look at me, I'm a dangerous snake, put me in a box, and I will bite your face ... you have been warned."

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