Thursday, March 5, 2009

Killer Hot Dog

An elderly woman was injured yesterday at a nursing home in Florida. Apparently, a hearing aid which fell out of someone's ear caused a Black Dachsund (Hot Dog ... long body, short legs) to go apeshit, and send someone to the hospital.

Are we really dealing with the hearing aid as a catalyst? We at AU2012 think notsomuch ...

Couple of tidbits to pull from the story, just to prove our point ... as if we need to by now.

-Just minutes earlier, the owner says the high-pitched squeal of a hearing aid sent the dog into a vicious attack on an elderly woman who lived in the home.

Yet ...

-Hearing aid specialist Christopher Nault told Eyewitness News he's never heard of animals becoming violent because of the sound! "I've had animals reacting to the sound. They might play with the hearing aid. Cats, especially, bat is back and forth," he said. "[But] I have not heard that."

In this incident, its quite clear that the hearing aid explanation is merely a convenient way to explain why the dog decided to go all Ivan Drago on a human that it clearly just did not like ...

What a cute dog, right?

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