Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Laughing Gas & Bottom Feeders

Something we firmly believe in here at AU2012 is that the uprising will be a massive collaborative campaign the likes of which humanity has never before seen. In other words, every animal, great or small, will do its part.

So when our dear friend Al brought THIS to our attention this evening ... of course, we had to warn everyone.

In summation, some German scientists decided to look for Laughing Gas emissions from aquatic bottom feeders ... and of course, they found that said aquatic bottom feeders do indeed burp up N2O (laughing gas).

However, hidden in this article are some real gems, such as:
-Earthworms (living on land) already give off said laughing gas during their digestive process
-Increases in said N2O emissions probably won't effect the oceans, but individual lake or streams could be effected 8x times over
-Fertilizers that we use for our crops and soil are big draws for said bottom feeders
-Increases in said emmissions = greater algal blooms (lots of algae growing all over the place)
-Increased algal blooms = oxygen being sucked up
-Shifts in the bottom of the food chain, where all of this starts, effect the entire foodchain
-We have nothing to worry about, according to Peter Stief, of the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology in Germany

How about Maxplanckinstimyass ... this is serious folks ... little sh*t we can't even see on up to bottom feeding 'aquatic animals' that eat stuff that we dump are trying to suck all the oxygen off the face of the planet, and earthworms have already started!

And of course, it brings us back to what they're emitting ... laughing gas ... so that all of humanity smiles all the way to suffocation.

You have been warned.

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