Monday, March 16, 2009

Just Back From the Weekend And ...

... Another Crocodile attack on a young female.

Human remains have been found by rescuers searching for an 11-year-old Australian girl feared to have been eaten by a crocodile, police said on Monday.

According to the article, Saltwater Crocs are responsible for an average of two death's per year in Australia ... it seems the chances of that average rising are going up ...

A monster crocodile of 5.5meters (roughly 18 ft) in length was spotted earlier today in the Northern Territory (Australia) harassing a fisherman.

"People should be aware saltwater crocs at this time of year can move around and end up anywhere."

If ever there was a time to be aware of your surroundings, that time is now. If a Croc hunter is telling me that a Giant Killer Saltwater Croc could end up anywhere, I'm taking that seriously. And by Serious, I mean you need to be watching out EVERYWHERE ... and EVERYWHERE means, in your house, under your bed, in your car, in your closet, under your desk, in your sock drawer, behind your door, under your rug, at your mom's house, behind the curtains, down in the basement, waiting in the washing machine, hanging out with your cousin, in the trunk of the El Camino, at your dentist, in your refrigerator ...

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  1. A bit dramatic much? I mean take it seriouly sure, but in the freaking sick drawer? There is such thing as TOO careful, you know that right?


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