Thursday, March 19, 2009


The Animal Invasion has gained a foothold in Florida ... and they are coming after your children.

"I looked over and there was a double-basketball sized ball of bees on that window over there," said Mellons.

Mellons said the home in the the 100 block of Celestia Court has sat empty for 1 1/2 years. In just the past couple of days, the bees started to move in, finding cracks in the stucco and in the windows. He's concerned about safety.

"Yesterday my daughter was coming home from school, walking down the sidewalk over there and next thing you know she was surrounded by bees," said Mellons.

He says the bees chased his daughter and a friend as the girls ran into their homes. He's afraid the bees might be the aggressive, Africanized variety, the so-called "killer bees."

If thats not enough, here's whats better ... Its happening with all sorts of animals, all over Florida!

"They (the bees) found an entry point to get in and now they’re making a colony inside the wall.," said Dan Knier, owner of Arrest a Pest.

Knier says foreclosures like this are keeping him busy.

"Oh yeah, we're getting a lot of calls for rats and bees and raccoons," he said.

But as much as he'd like to help with these bees, he can't; not without permission from a property owner.

I'd suggest we stop worrying about foreclosures rather soon, and start worrying about how the hell we will keep the animals from taking over our bedrooms. Just consider this story a taste of things to come once the animals have had their way with the humans ...

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