Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stray Italian Dogs

A 24 Year old German Tourist was attacked earlier today in the southern part of Italy by a stray pack of dogs while walking along a beach.

But this attack is just 1 of 4 by this same pack of dogs, where two people have died, and two injured in the last three days.

From the Article:

In Sunday's attack, the boy had been cycling past the dogs when they surrounded him, pulled him off his bike and killed him. The attack came just hours after two separate incidents in which a nine-year-old boy and a 40-year-old man were bitten. Around 30 of the animals were caught Monday and police stepped up the hunt Tuesday following the latest attack, using helicopters to help spot strays. The pack, being referred to by Italian media as ''the killer dogs of Scicli'', is thought to number around 50 animals.

Apparently, these dogs not only dislike bikes, but they hate Germans too. My question is, who the hell lets 50 stray dogs run around a town without doing something about it in the first place? I mean, did they just miss it?

"Hey-ah, was that-ah a pack-ah of 50-ah stray dogs-ah?" (Italian Accent)
"I-ah don't-ah think-ah so-ah ... I think-ah it was-ah a-ah giant-ah meatball-ah."

Only in Italy ... the Mexico of Europe ...

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