Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Indonesia Gets With the Freakin Program

Hell Yeah. Apparently Indonesia believes in the AU2012, and is actively taking steps.

Over the past few years, the Wildlife Conservation Society-Indonesia Program (WCS-IP) of Lampung has created a model to prevent conflict between tigers and humans.

"Basically, conflict between tigers and the community should be prevented as early as possible. The key is the early detection of the presence of a tiger, then to take action to secure livestock and set up continuous watchman patrols," Dwi Nugroho Adhiasto, the program's Wildlife Crime Unit coordinator, said."

This Guy could be the greatest person ever after me ... Preach on brotha Dwi! ...

"When people enter the Sumatran tiger's territory, the tiger is most likely to attack," he said.

We apply this train of thought to all animals ...

"Dwi said that there are many ways of overcoming conflict between tigers and people, including programs to raise community awareness (AU2012.BLOGSPOT.COM) of the reasons behind the problem (AU2012), providing education about the necessary measures to prevent such conflict (AU2012.BLOGSPOT.COM) and the importance of preserving wild animals that are natural food for tigers such as forest pigs, small antelopes, monkeys and deer."

Uhhhh ... preserving wild animals? Dunno if we're on board with that last part, but whatever ... this guy Dwi is totally fine in my book. If one day your favorite blog goes quiet and/or dark, its probably because I either went to work for Dwi, or I was eaten by a Tiger ... one of the two.

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