Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Invasion of Europe has Begun ...

Just a reminder that no one, not even Germany, will be spared ... From the article 'Achtung Bunny's Back in Town'

BERLIN (AFP) — Hares, foxes and wild boar are increasingly migrating into Germany's cities, causing havoc and even sometimes endangering humans, a major wildlife organisation said on Monday.

Increased industrialisation and "predatory cultivation" of rural land are luring animals into big cities, where it is easier to find food and shelter, Magnus Herrmann from the NABU conservation group told AFP.

READ: Where it is easier to prey on human flesh and live amongst the carcasses of the dead.

Here's some advice for Germany ... in America, we've solved a similar problem (thus far) with a couple of items, namely the 'hunting license', and the 'shotgun'. Throw in a dash of 'common sense', and pray that society realizes that putting down this small invasion now may help in the greater uprising to come.

And remember that if given a chance, the wild hare in your backyard will show no mercy ...

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