Monday, March 9, 2009

Stranded Elk?

We think not ...

A Small Herd of Elk and a few Deer spent nearly a week in occupied territory on I-70 over the past week. A major artery of America's Interstate System, I-70 had to be shut down for seven miles in order to get the Elk and Deer off.

Its clear that the Elk and Deer had an agenda, and human's underestimated their ability to put a choke hold on commerce here in the US. If demonstrated on a grander scale, we'd be screwed quite frankly. Once the Elk and Deer had made whatever point they had made, and struck a deal with the Human's to give up their plot of invaded land for whatever concessions they agreed to, the Elk and Deer Moved on.

Yet another example of different types of animals working together AGAINST Humanity ...

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