Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Man, What the Hell ...

I'm sure that if you're reading this blog, you have a vast awareness and/or paranoia of the impending Animal Uprising. That assumed, we can therefore conclude that you have seen the rash of Dog Attacks on Human Children in the last few weeks.

If Not, here's what I'm talking about:

Wednesday March 11 ... Tampa, FL

Weekend - Greenville, SC

Martinsville, VA - Thursday, March 5

Roanoke, VA - March 9

Pensacola, FL - 10 March

So, now's a good time to make a couple of points:

-AU2012 never wants to condone or poke fun at attacks on kids, especially tragic ones that end up in deaths like last week in Arizona.

-That being said, AU2012 DOES condone people taking care of their animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We've said it here several times ... we have two dogs, one of whom will try to kill us the first chance she gets, yet we still manage to keep them under control!

And why in the hell do people want to raise any dogs without any care, affection, and/or to do bad stuff, like fight other dogs or bite people's faces. I mean really ... its great defense in theory for the Animal Uprsing, but if you can't control your 'pet', do you really think you have a chance to survive anyway?

AU2012 has a very simple solution to all of this ... Click HERE, and then Click HERE ... And for good measure, you can click HERE, and then HERE ...

And for the love of Humanity, if you can't take care of your 'pet' (who could be your savior ... remember, dogs can be swayed!!!), then find someone who can help you, or who can do it for you HERE and/or HERE ...

READ: Don't be an idiot ... get your dog spayed or neutered ... keep them on a leash ... and most importantly, take care of them and respect life !!!

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