Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Flying Wild Turkey

Police said a wild turkey is to blame for knocking a 23-year-old man off his motorcycle and breaking his collarbone. Maine State Trooper Corey Huckins said Jeffrey Russell of Hartford was riding with a friend on Route 117 in Buckfield on Sunday afternoon when a wild turkey flew straight into his chest, knocking him backward off his motorcycle. Huckins said the impact was like "hitting a bowling ball at 45 mph."

I know there's a joke to be made here about some wise ass throwing a bottle of wild turkey at this guy, but for the life of me, its just not happening with this blog post.

Still thought, its a great story ... I had no idea turkey's could fly, unless they were being transported to a grocery store so that I could eat them either for dinner or in cold cut fashion on a sandwich. Either way, its delicious.

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